We would like to hear from you.

We would like to hear from you.

The best way to get hold of us it to pick up the phone and call Rupert on (+44) 0747 138 1973 or Manuela on (+44) 07909 248 585

Or you can email us on rupert@untold-stories.xyz, or manuela@untold-stories.xyz

Not many people write letters these days so why not buck the trend and send us something in the post. Our address is 56 Aspen Grove, Liverpool L8 0ST, UK.

What’s Your Untold Story?

“Everyone has a great story” said Hardeep Kohli Sing, the BBC presenter and celebrity chef, “and I know that Rupert Wolfe Murray and Untold Stories have that rare ability of being able to communicate these stories in a way that has real impact and power.”

We are really interested in knowing your untold story. Yes, you! Not just our clients. We will read all of these stories and give you our feedback.

How to send us your untold story?

Option 1: just write your story as an email and send it to: my.untold.story@untold-stories.xyz

Option 2: Use the form below:

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