Our Story

It’s all very well telling you how valuable it is to tell your stories, but what about ours?

The short version is that we — Rupert Wolfe Murray and Manuela Boghian — moved from Romania to Liverpool and set up Untold Stories PR Limited in September 2015. We work closely with Laurentiu Calciu, an observational documentary filmmaker as well as other communication experts and storytellers.

You can see the long versions of our stories below.

I discovered the power of storytelling after spending 9 months in Tibet. I had returned home to Edinburgh and was burning with enthusiasm to share my travel stories with people. But I tend to talk too much and didn’t want to become a pub bore, and so I went to BBC Radio Scotland in Glasgow and asked if they would interview me. 

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Manuela BoghianManuela’s approach to storytelling and PR is shaped by her study of anthropology. “Anthropology offers a lot of depth into understanding people and their communities,” she explains, “it teaches you how to listen professionally and also how to observe.”

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Laurentiu Calciu is a Romanian documentary filmmaker who lives in London. We have worked with him for over 20 years and he still does most of our filming and editing. Click here to see a short trailer for his last film, which was called After the Revolution.

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lynne wainwright 200x200

Lynne Wainwright is an intern. She studies English literature in Liverpool  and writes poetry. She is interested in learning more about publishing and PR.

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