If I Was Elected Mayor by Rupert Wolfe Murray, May 2016
If I was the mayor I wouldn’t collect the rubbish anymore. My election manifesto would be built round the slogan “there’s no such thing as rubbish”

In Defence of Foreign Aid by Rupert Wolfe Murray, April 2016
Mail on Sunday dedicated 11 pages to a scandal of their own making about Britain’s “£12 billion foreign aid madness.”

Starbucks Helped Me Give up Coffee by Rupert Wolfe Murray, October 2015
I  don’t think I’m alone in hating Starbucks, the American coffee shop that has spread its tentacles all over the world.

The EU Should Restrict Codeine by Rupert Wolfe Murray, June 2015
How many people know that codeine is a highly addictive substance that becomes morphine once introduced into the body?

The Curse of Methadone by Rupert Wolfe Murray, May 2015
Could methadone be the gateway drug to a dystopian future where people are controlled by mind-numbing drugs?

Open Letter to Asylum Seekers by Rupert Wolfe Murray, December 2015
A warm welcome to those seeking asylum; a dire warning about the effects of tabloid media.

BURNOUT: Belgium Leads the Way by Rupert Wolfe Murray, December 2014
Belgium helps to prevent burnout by introducing legislation to help those vulnerable to addiction, stress and mental health problems.

Scotland Contemplates Suicide by Rupert Wolfe Murray, November 2014
Considerations of the referendum and the possible consequences for Scots and Scotland.

Refugees Welcome — Bring Your Families by Rupert Wolfe Murray, August 2014
Not everything you read in the media is true when it comes to immigration.

The NHS Endorses AA – After 80 Years by Rupert Wolfe Murray, April 2014
Public Health England issued a briefing document at the end of last year which encourages GPs to make use of “mutual aid” groups like AA.

Could the EU Reform the NHS? by Rupert Wolfe Murray, December 2013
EU reforms and what it could cost the NHS.

NHS and Government Have No Policy on Alcohol by Rupert Wolfe Murray, August 2013
I had to laugh when I saw the government’s reaction to the recent report that hospital admissions due to alcohol had more than doubled in nine years.

Can Bosses Help Addicts? by Rupert Wolfe Murray, February 2013
If company managers are looking for ways to increase efficiency, not to mention health and safety, they should look at the impact of drug and alcohol abuse on their workforce.

Should Cannabis be Legalised? by Rupert Wolfe Murray, November 2012
Should Cannabis be legalised? The cons of a much debated drug.

Is the NHS Trying to Kill Rehab Clinics? by Rupert Wolfe Murray, June 2012
David Cameron recently launched his new Alcohol Strategy and Sir Richard Branson leads the charge against the so-called War on Drugs.

Where Is Britain’s New Alcohol Strategy? by Rupert Wolfe Murray, April 2012
Health reform is perhaps the most divisive issue in Britain’s government.

NHS Methadone Kills Record Number in Scotland by Rupert Wolfe Murray, October 2012
With methadone now the main source of drug related deaths in Scotland, is it time for the government to take action?



UKESAD: A Festival About Addiction by Rupert Wolfe Murray, June 2016
UKESAD is a vast get-together of those who work in addiction treatment: therapists, counsellors, managers of rehab clinics, medics and camp-followers like me.

Can Hip Hop Educate About Addiction? by Rupert Wolfe Murray, June 2015
The positive force for social change isn’t what jumps to mind when I think about hip hop and rap.

The Keyword for Addiction Treatment is “Recovery” by Rupert Wolfe Murray, March 2015
Sometimes the word “recovery” can lose its meaning, but here’s why it is so important in the world of addiction treatment.

Alcoholics Anonymous Is Scary! by Rupert Wolfe Murray, January 2015
Everybody has insecurities and worries over new experiences. An AA meeting is no exception.

Addiction at Work – part 1 and part 2 by Manuela Boghian, April 2014
Dorte Tommerup is a Danish addiction counsellor who currently woks at the European Parliament in Luxembourg.

Dealing With Stress by Manuela Boghian, September 2013
Five helpful suggestions to deal with stress and the difficulties we face in our every-day lives.

Addiction and Pleasure by Manuela Boghian, July 2013
The desire to fulfil our survival instinct can be warped by negative pleasurable need.

Make Art not War by Manuela Boghian, July 2013
The freedom of expression released by art and Castle Craig’s work in this area.

The Agnostic’s Quest for a Higher Power by Manuela Boghian, April 2013
Does the acceptance of a Higher Power simply mean accepting the existence of addiction and being addicted?

Russell Brand’s Insight into Heroin by Rupert Wolfe Murray, March 2013
A look into Russell Brand’s insight into heroin.

Working for a Rehab Clinic by Manuela Boghian, February 2013
Experiences of working at Castle Craig, the highs and lows of rehab.

An Alcoholic Is Someone Who Drinks More Than His Doctor by Rupert Wolfe Murray, August 2013
Just What the Doctor Ordered? Sometimes it’s hard to not place your doctor on a pedestal, but the truth is, they are just as prone to vices as the rest of the common people.

The Best Christmas Present by Rupert Wolfe Murray, December 2012
Christmas is a time to eat and be merry, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to overindulge in alcohol.

The Blessing of Alcoholism by Rupert Wolfe Murray, September 2012
To most it’s a nightmare, but alcoholism can sometimes be a blessing in disguise as Scott Peck’s The Road Less Travelled shows.

Are We All Addicts? by Rupert Wolfe Murray, July 2012
Addiction is a chronic disease; it is driven by a desire to quench a ravenous craving. With new cravings developing every day, could we all be addicts?

Do Brits Drink More Than Anyone Else? by Rupert Wolfe Murray, June 2012
Britain’s binge culture is infamous, but is it true that we drink more than anyone else?

What’s a Legal High? by Rupert Wolfe Murray, June 2012
Legal Highs are cocktails of legal chemicals which imitate the effects of illegal narcotics.

Gambling Kills! by Rupert Wolfe Murray, May 2012
It is a small known fact that gambling addiction can lead to suicidal tendencies.

Are BlackBerrys Addictive? by Rupert Wolfe Murray, April 2012
After getting a Blackberry, I found myself dealing with emails on the street, in corridors, in the cinema, in meetings, even in bed.

Can Cannabis Drive You Crazy? by Rupert Wolfe Murray, February 2012
There seems to be a sheer ignorance of the fact that the use of THC in cannabis can cause users to enter a psychotic state.

Confessions of a Sex Addict by Rupert Wolfe Murray, February 2012
Are Sex Addicts simply promiscuous or is sex a drug, exaggerated by 21st century thinking?



The Untold Story of Liverpool’s Turkish Bath by Rupert Wolfe Murray, April 2016
We recently went to the new Turkish Bath in Liverpool and were surprised to find that it is the only one in the north west of England.

Liverpool’s Amazing Library by Rupert Wolfe Murray, December 2015
Nothing in my memory prepared me for Liverpool’s Central Library which can be described as a phenomenon.

Liverpool’s Best Bar Serves No Alcohol by Rupert Wolfe Murray, July 2015
A modern bar with a moral twist, helping alcoholics avoid the drink at The Brink.

Liverpool’s Home of the Titanic by Rupert Wolfe Murray, July 2015
Heritage and hotels, how the two can help to renovate a city.



The Somme on the Stage by Rupert Wolfe Murray, June 2016
The play starts with a mad-looking old man who, barefoot and ragged, shouts at God in the style of King Lear: “I do not understand”

Madame Bovary Tours England by Rupert Wolfe Murray, March 2016
Great tragedy becomes tragi-comedy with this “brilliant” reinterpretation.

War Books to Read on Holiday by Rupert Wolfe Murray, September 2014
I found the ideal book that I could take with me on my travels – World War I: Scottish Tales of Adventure by Allan Burnett.

Child Witch Congo by Rupert Wolfe Murray, April 2014
Child Witch Kinshasa is the story of Frank Kean who goes to Congo to train radio journalists.

Bad Blurb Great Book by Rupert Wolfe Murray, December 2013
A true case of why you should never judge a book by it’s cover.



Reflections About the Romani Gypsies and Romania by Rupert Wolfe Murray, June 2015
For many years I thought I knew the answer to the problems faced by the Romani Gypsies: education.

Romania’s Monty Python Institutions by Rupert Wolfe Murray, May 2015
Getting into a Romanian public institution is like accessing a medieval castle in a Monty Python film

Romania: Memories of a Successful Revolution by Rupert Wolfe Murray, December 2014
Reflections of a Journalist and the democratic aftermath.

Thank You Romania by Rupert Wolfe Murray, December 2013
The British tabloids should thank Romania for providing it with so much great material over the last quarter century.

Romania Legalises “Medical Marijuana” – or Does it? by Manuela Boghian, October 2013
Media’s sensationalised storm in a tea-cup.

Romania: The World’s First Dystopia by Rupert Wolfe Murray, June 2013
Destruction of an ecosystem is in the people’s interest despite dystopian possibility.

Open Letter to Greg Hands MP about Cyanide Mining in Romania by Rupert Wolfe Murray, June 2013
Journalists in Bucharest complain that they’re unable to publish anything critical about the cyanide mining project.

Was Romania’s 1989 Christmas Revolution a Fake? by Rupert Wolfe Murray, February 2013
Conspiracy? ‘Coup d’etat’? Or Revolution? From Communism to Democracy.

Scottish Rats and Romanian Dogs by Rupert Wolfe Murray, August 2012
I can’t stop listening to the new album by the Stagger Rats, a charismatic rock band from the small Scottish town of Dunbar.

Romanian Village Blocks Canadian Cyanide Mine by Rupert Wolfe Murray, July 2012
“Peasant farmers and volunteers” rally to block massive Canadian mining company.



Hitching With a Migrant by Rupert Wolfe Murray, September 2015
Sometimes all it takes is hitch-hiking to restore your faith in humanity.

Greece Makes Me Feel Wonderful by Manuela Boghian, July 2015
Manuela visits Greece as the banking crisis strikes and the press shouts about Grexit

Adapting to Foreign Cultures is Easy by Rupert Wolfe Murray, June 2015
Attitude takes precedent when it comes to foreign culture.

Improve Your Travel Skills on Weekends and Holidays by Rupert Wolfe Murray, May 2015
Life is short so why waste it spending your free time on menial tasks?

Kayaking in Sweden by Rupert Wolfe Murray, May 2015
The best way to see a country isn’t always by land.

Getting a Job in Mongolia  by Rupert Wolfe Murray, April 2015
My friend George asked me if I thought he could get a job in Mongolia. I instantly replied: “of course you can.”

Travelling Alone in the USA — How I Got Away by Manuela Boghian, March 2015
Reading “9 Months in Tibet” encouraged Manuela to go travelling alone around the States.

Did Marijuana Help Me Travel and Write? by Rupert Wolfe Murray, March 2015
A lot of creatives swear by the use of marijuana as a muse. But can it really aid the creative process?

The Beauty of Getting Lost by Rupert Wolfe Murray, February 2015
Why getting lost isn’t as daunting as it seems.

Advice on Getting a Job Abroad by Rupert Wolfe Murray, January 2015
When money is an object, so becomes a job abroad.

Ten Skills for Independent Travellers by Rupert Wolfe Murray, January 2015
Everybody needs a starting point, here’s ten for the new independent traveller.

What’s the Best Travel Book? by Rupert Wolfe Murray, October 2014
A few suggestions of who and what to read and why.

10 Reasons Why Hitchhiking Is Good by Rupert Wolfe Murray, September 2014
They say that hitching is out of date, out of style and dangerous. I think they’re wrong and recently set out to prove it

Travelling to Birmingham by Rupert Wolfe Murray, September 2014
Birmingham blew me away. I didn’t recognize it from the concrete jungle I visited several times in the 80s and 90s.

How Much Luggage Should I Take? by Rupert Wolfe Murray, July 2014
It’s not about the amount of luggage, it’s about the size of the bag and what you do with it.

Why Go Camping? by Rupert Wolfe Murray, July 2013
Getting back to basics seems a daunting prospect in this day and age, but that’s exactly what camping is about.

Don’t Go To India by Rupert Wolfe Murray, June 2013
Plan A was India. Plan B was Albania. Plan C was Greece. The plan is to take some time off, to get away from the internet and mobile, to disconnect.

Eight Rules to Avoid Getting Ripped Off on Holiday by Rupert Wolfe Murray, April 2013
Sometimes I think getting overcharged is part of travel but it doesn’t have to be like that.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column]


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