We find that book format is the best way to communicate the untold stories of families and organisations. A book is the ideal way to go into depth about an organisation, a family and an individual, but it’s time consuming and certainly not for everyone. Our books are narrated by real people whom we have interviewed; they tell their own stories and describe their work in compelling terms. We edit it and write introductions and supporting texts that helps to put it all into context.

Here are some of the books we have written and published:

9 Months in Tibet

9-Months-in-TibetFirst written in 1988, this book will be published in 2016. It is a memoir by Rupert Wolfe Murray and offers a rare glimpse into life in Tibet under Communist China. 9 Months in Tibet includes an introduction by Alexander McCall Smith and already has good reviews, including this one by Professor Charles Ramble, professor of Tibetan Studies at The Sorbonne: “It really is unputdownable – a highly unlikely but irresistible combination of Robert Byron and Hunter S. Thompson.”


IFOR on IFOR: Peacekeepers in Bosnia Herzegovina

booksIn 1995 peace was imposed on the former Yugoslavia and 60,000 American troops were deployed to Bosnia. Rupert Wolfe Murray and his intrepid photographer got permission to interview each NATO army and get the soldiers’ views of the peacekeeping mission. The book consists of a series of compelling testimonials from the generals, officers, soldiers and support staff of the different NATO armies. It was an independent publication and was not censored, edited or even seen by NATO prior to publication. This large format “documentary book” was a bestseller and all 20,000 copies were sold.


The Road to Peace: NATO and the International Community in Bosnia

the road to peaceFollowing the success of IFOR on IFOR a second book was published. This book includes untold stories of people from the UN and other international organisations who had helped to bring peace to Bosnia — as well as soldiers from the different NATO armies. Like IFOR on IFOR, this book was a bestseller and all 10,000 copies were soon sold.


Other Books

Bosnian for PeacekeepersWe have written and published quite a few books that are no longer for sale or available online. These include The Book of Bosnian Jokes, Bosnian for Peacekeepers which is a cartoon-guide to learning the Bosnian language. In addition, we have an archive of interesting archive material that we plan to edit and publish.

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