Castle Craig Hospital

Client: Castle Craig Hospital is one of the best addiction treatment clinics in Europe. With over 100 beds and 30 full time addiction therapists, it is also the biggest residential rehab clinic in the UK. The clinic is unusual in that it is still run by the family who established it in 1988. They use the 12 step method alongside a wide range of other therapies, such as CBT and trauma therapy, that deal with the multi-faceted illness of addiction. Their outcome studies are impressive and show that over 60% of those who complete treatment remain clean and sober.

Challenge: Castle Craig’s reputation for effective results grew steadily over the years and in the early years it was treating a lot of addicts who had been referred by the NHS. But this changed when central government decided that supplying drug addicts with methadone was a cheaper option than residential rehab. Castle Craig adapted to this change by setting up a branch in The Netherlands and many people flew over for treatment. Their challenge was to back up all this with improved websites and marketing material and also spread the word about Castle Craig’s service to other European countries. Rupert Wolfe Murray, who was working in Romania at the time, was commissioned for this task and he was later joined by Manuela Boghian, Olivia Ianculescu, Laurentiu Calciu and Claudiu Revnic.

Result: We helped improve the English and Dutch language websites and went on to edit (and promote) websites in the following languages: Flemish (for Belgium), French, Maltese, Romanian and Swedish. All this helped to bring in new patients. We also helped Castle Craig deal with the mass media and get into the press. The most satisfying work we did was interviewing the therapists and getting their views on addiction treatment — some of which can be seen in video format here. We also set up a blog and edited the staff interviews into article format (here is an interesting example, asking if drugs can cause schizophrenia). Our work with Castle Craig continues.

Testimonial: “I knew Rupert from our shared experience in the world of Romanian charity projects (2003-2008).  Rupert started work as our public relations representative in Eastern Europe in 2009, and became closely involved in our overall communications projects. He was soon joined by Manuela. Together they helped to develop our online marketing strategies, following the mantra of ‘content is king’.  With their help we brought the Castle Craig website up to date, and at that time it was the best of any other addiction treatment service. In fact it probably still is. Rupert and Manuela’s influence will always be ingrained on our websites – in particular the video material and the blog.”  Dominic McCann, Development Manager at Castle Craig Hospital. March 2016

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