Poetry Changes Lives

Poetry Changes Lives CoverClient: Chris Burn is the author of Poetry Changes Lives, a book that gives readers  “a page-a-day of history, poetry and inspiration.” It’s an unusual book based on the idea that something interesting happens every day: “Every day of the year is an anniversary of some kind, be it Waterloo, Peterloo or the introduction of indoor plumbing. This book takes such events as cues to link to a relevant poem and a short reflection. For example Lord Byron’s genius and weaknesses are described on the page for January 22nd, anniversary of his birth in 1788.” Much of the book is the re-telling of ancient stories that modern audiences never learned, making it an ideal project for Untold Stories PR Ltd.

Challenge: Although Chris Burn has immense knowledge of history and poetry, and he can write beautifully, he didn’t know how to get his book published. He came to Untold Stories as he knew that we have useful publishing, editing and communication experience. The first challenge was to get the book edited and this was done four times, a process that helped to shape the book into its final form. Next challenge was to find a designer and a publishing channel and the final hurdle was to promote the book and sell copies.

Result: The book was published on Amazon in December 2015 and has been selling steadily ever since. The first page of the book includes this appreciation of our work: “I had some highly skilled and enthusiastic helpers, Rupert Wolfe Murray and Manuela Boghian, who inspired and helped me from the start.” We called Chris for further detail and he said: “You guided me through the mysteries of the publishing world and were always available. Manuela provided a lot of creative ideas about design and promotion that were unfailingly helpful. I am really very grateful.” 

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