Smarmore Castle Rehab Clinic

Client: Smarmore Castle rehab clinic is a 22 bed addiction treatment facility located in County Louth, Ireland. It was founded at the end of 2015 by the directors of Castle Craig Hospital in Scotland, which is recognised as one of the best rehab clinics in Britain. Prior to the setting up of Untold Stories PR Ltd, Rupert and Manuela promoted Castle Craig around Europe.

Challenge: Although the clinic was launched at the end of 2015 they found it difficult to get any publicity in newspapers in the UK and abroad. We were called in to help. We have also been asked to interview staff, get testimonials and produce a series of short videos that can tell the untold story of staff members.

Result: We got the story written up in journalistic style and had it published in a Scottish newspaper and also an online newspaper in Brussels. “It was great that Untold Stories were able to get something into the media,” said Dominic McCann, a director of Smarmore clinic. “It has been hard to get our story out there and I look forward to working with Untold Stories to get the personal views of our team on addiction treatment.”

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