Voicebox Inc

Client: Voicebox Inc. is a Manchester based company that offers video-based evaluations to health trusts, universities, companies and NGOs. Their evaluations are based on user-generated video content and are used in a highly creative and innovative way, giving management new insights into how people use their services and empowering all those who took part in the process.

Challenge: Voicebox came to Untold Stories in 2016 to address their main challenge: how to summarise their complex service and communicate it through a user-friendly website. Their experience is particularly rich in social projects — people with learning difficulties and in recovery from addiction in particular — and they asked our help to address their other challenge: how to offer their services to the private sector.

Result: Following a series of brainstorm sessions with Voicebox, including in-depth interviews, we produced a clear website structure that presents their services in a compelling way.

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