Communication Services

Our core business is to identify the untold stories within families and organisations and tell these in the most compelling way possible — articles, short videos, podcasts, photo albums, ebooks and documentaries. 

For families, the result is a beautiful and compelling family history. All those scattered collections of photos, documents and memories can be presented in a variety of exciting ways (and each one will be different, just as each family is different). The result is the publication of original material and a genuine legacy for future generations.

For organisations, the result is highly original content that can be used to improve websites and social media channels. It can raise awareness of the workings of the organisation and feed into the mainstream media. If combined with SEO, the impact is improved ranking on Google and other search engines. We also interview satisfied customers, get their testimonials and use these to build confidence and trust in our clients’ organisations.

We are selective about who we work for, as our approach doesn’t fit everyone. We’re looking for long term partners – organisations and families who are open minded, creative, able to listen to advice and willing to try something new.

The Value of Untold Stories

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