Why Choose Untold Stories?

1. We Build Reputation

The key to good reputation is a good product or service and communicating it effectively. We can help you communicate authentically by creating great website content, articles and presentation videos.

2. We Help Our Clients Improve Their Websites

Every organisation aims to improve their websites. We offer original content that can be used to improve websites and attract new clients. Sometimes we rewrite whole websites. Google and other search engines are constantly changing their secret algorithm to make it easier for good local websites to compete with giant corporations. Google’s message is simple: produce regular, relevant and original content — constantly update your website! — and you will be rewarded with improved rankings. The problem is that organisations run out of steam when it comes to producing original new content — which is where we come in.

3. Better Media Relations

One of the best ways of getting known and improving reputation is to get into the local media. This can seem like a daunting task but actually it’s quite simple: journalists are always looking for a good story and are usually open to ideas. A good way of arousing media interest is offering them the untold stories of the people in the organisation. We have useful media experience and can advise on all aspects of this challenge.

4. We Complement Ongoing Marketing Work

We offer a niche service that complements in-house PR and marketing efforts. We create original and well edited content that feeds into websites, social networking activities and marketing campaigns. We work well with in-house experts, external consultants and interns — as they realise we produce a niche service that doesn’t threaten their roles.

5. We Make Advertising More Cost Effective

Nowadays the most popular form of advertising is on Google and Facebook. Adverts can bring visitors to a website but they must be backed-up by convincing website content. We have experience in both creating great content and managing online advertising campaigns.

6. We Care About Our Clients

We deliberately have just a few clients so we can take care of them properly, help them grow and advise them on any communication issue they’re having problems with. This results in strong working relationships over many years and brings us great satisfaction. Taking care of our clients is one of our top business priorities.

7. We are Ethical

We have worked for many years in Romania and other East European countries where corrupt opportunities are easy to find. We realised early on in our careers that it’s just not worth going that way, resulting in the development of a simple but effective ethical code: never do a job for a client we’re not 100% sure about; don’t do anything illegal, however small, as it is likely to resurface later; and always tell the truth. Thanks to this we have a really good reputation in UK, Romania, Bosnia and all the countries we have worked in.

8. Your Untold Stories are Original and Fascinating

Every organisation and family we have worked with surprises us with the the sheer originality of untold stories that we find. Most people don’t realise how unique their stories are, not realising that their personal perspective can give a whole new insight into the workings of the organisation or the family. You can see an example of one of our stories here, about a lady who is married to an alcoholic in recovery.

9. We Help Families Create a Genuine Legacy

Almost every family has an incredible story to tell, perhaps from long ago, but very few of them have it written down in a format that can be shared. Now that self-publishing, blogs and the internet is here there is no reason why every family doesn’t get their stories recorded and shared. We can help with the process of creating family histories: carrying out in-depth interviews, editing the material into  formats that can be easily digested by family members and all their friends. We can also create family blogs and take scattered collections of old photos and turn them into stunning photo albums that will be appreciated for generations.

10. Motivating Staff, Directors and Everyone Involved

Seeing themselves in print, or talking about their work in a short video, can be a great way of motivating staff. It’s also a good way of getting across the director’s vision about the company: what motivated them to set up in the first place? What’s their personal story? What are their values? We get all this by carrying out in-depth video interviews with staff, directors and stakeholders and extracting articles, podcasts and videos. The result is deeper insight into the organisation.

“I use the web page that Untold Stories did for me as a living business card. When talking to people around the world I send them the link. It says a million words.”

David Charkham

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